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CBD Oil: Dosage and Directions for Use

Feb 15, 2022 | Health and Wellness, Products and News

As we saw in the previous article, CBD oil is now widespread among Italian consumers. On the net, as well as on our blog, you can find a multitude of information about the benefits and effects of CBD. Very often, however, the most important information for consumers is missing: how to dose CBD? How to take CBD? What health problems can benefit from the use of CBD?

In this article we have collected all the indications and information to be able to answer your questions about the use of CBD oil.

Before starting, however, we must make an important clarification: if you are taking medications, following a particular therapy or suffering from some chronic condition, it is necessary that you discuss with your doctor about the use of CBD. CBD is generally safe, but precisely because it is effective and is not a placebo, it can interfere with the functioning and absorption of certain drugs and alter your body’s biological processes.

How to dose CBD?

To be effective, to have effects on the body, CBD must be taken at a certain dosage. The effective dosage of CBD oil can vary from person to person and be related to the weight and concentration of CBD in the oil you use.

doctor with cbd oil bottle

Consider that
CBD acts through the human endocannabinoid system
, so it is possible that two people of the same age, sex and weight react differently to the same dosage. For this reason, it is good to start with a low dose, increasing the dosage until the desired effect is achieved.

The minimum dosage can be calculated based on the desired weight and intensity:

  • 1 mg of CBD per 4.5kg of body weight = minimum intensity
  • 3 mg of CBD per 4.5kg of body weight = average intensity
  • 6 mg of CBD per 4.5kg of body weight = high intensity

Please note: the dose of CBD indicated above applies to the pure substance, not to CBD oil. Later in the article we will calculate the dosage based on the concentration of CBD in the oil.

Choose the intensity of the CBD dosage according to the disorder

A very effective way to decide the intensity of the DOSAGE of CBD is to refer to the ailment you want to alleviate. In the table below you will find some example cases for common ailments among CBD users:

  • Bad mood: minimum intensity
  • Stress and fatigue: medium intensity
  • Anxiety: medium / high intensity
  • Insomnia: medium / high intensity
  • Nausea: medium intensity
  • Inflammation: medium / high intensity
  • Migraine: medium intensity
  • Chronic pain: high intensity

If, on the other hand, these are important pathologies, the dosage and therapy should always be
agreed with your doctor.
. Here are some examples:

  • Epilepsy: pharmaceutical dosage (high intensity and above)
  • Post surgery: pharmaceutical dosage (high intensity and above)
  • Cancer: pharmaceutical dosage (high intensity and above)

Maximum daily dose and intensity of CBD based on weight

Below is a rough table of CBD dosages and intensity based on your body weight

Weight in kg Minimum intensity Average intensity High intensity
45 kg 10 mg/day 30 mg/day 60 mg/day
70 kg 15 mg/day 45 mg/day 90 mg/day
90 kg 20 mg/day 60 mg/day 120 mg/day
110 kg 25 mg/day 75 mg/day 150 mg/day

How to Calculate CBD Oil Dosage

So far we have talked about the dosage of pure CBD. But on the market, it is much easier to find vegetable oil preparations with the addition of CBD. So how can you calculate the dosage of this type of CBD oil?

Check the packaging. Most manufacturers include in the label the percentage value of CBD present in the oil. For example , our CBD oil is available in 3 different concentrations: 5%, 10% and 30%. This percentage indicates how much of the bottle’s content is actually CBD. For example: if you buy our 10% CBD oil, considering that the bottle contains 10ml of liquid, you can easily calculate the percentage of CBD present, that is, 1ml (exactly 10% of 10ml).

How to calculate the concentration of CBD in oil, in milligrams

To calculate the CBD content in milligrams, so that we can refer to the table above, we must know the density of the vegetable oil that normally has a value of just under one gram per milliliter, exactly 0.922 g / ml. This means that one milliliter of oil weighs 922 milligrams. So, you can easily calculate the amount of CBD like this:

  • 5%: 1 ml of oil contains 46 mg of CBD
  • 10%: 1 ml of oil contains 92 mg of CBD
  • 30%: 1 ml of oil contains 276 mg of CBD

Girl takes cbd oil drops

How many drops does 1 milliliter of oil contain?

It depends on the type of oil, in general for vegetable oil (coconut or hemp) a value of about 0.04ml per drop is considered. So in 1 ml we consider there to be about 25 drops.

A dosage table expressed in drops can look like this:

Dosage in drops per day: 5% CBD oil

Weight in kg Minimum intensity Average intensity High intensity
45 kg 5 drops / day 16 drops / day 32 drops / day
70 kg 8 drops / day 24 drops / day 48 drops / day
90 kg 10 drops / day 32 drops / day 65 drops / day
110 kg 13 drops / day 40 drops / day 82 drops / day

Dosage in drops per day: 10% CBD oil

Weight in kg Minimum intensity Average intensity High intensity
45 kg 2 drops / day 8 drops / day 16 drops / day
70 kg 4 drops / day 12 drops / day 24 drops / day
90 kg 5 drops / day 16 drops / day 32 drops / day
110 kg 7 drops / day 20 drops / day 41 drops / day

Dosage in drops per day: 30% CBD oil

Weight in kg Minimum intensity Average intensity High intensity
45 kg – – 3 drops / day 5 drops / day
70 kg 1 drop / day 4 drops / day 8 drops / day
90 kg 2 drops / day 5 drops / day 10 drops / day
110 kg 3 drops / day 7 drops / day 13 drops / day

What concentration of CBD oil to buy?

These tables help you understand how much CBD you need to take, but also and above all what concentration of
CBD oil to buy
. If you have a disorder that requires a dosage of medium or high intensity, for example you suffer from anxiety, regardless of your body weight, initially you should buy CBD oil with a concentration of 10%,, find the correct dosage and then, in case you want to take fewer drops a day, switch to a CBD oil with a concentration of 30%.

Consider these values also to calculate the shelf life of your CBD oil. If in 1 ml there are 25 drops, then in a 10 ml bottle there will be about 250. If you weigh around 70 kg and need a high intensity, considering that, with a 10% oil, you need to take 24 drops a day, one bottle of CBD oil will last about 10 days. So, depending on the duration of your therapy, you may want to consider buying a higher concentration, so that you can take fewer drops per day and maximize the duration of the bottle.

How can I take CBD oil?

CBD oil can be taken sublingually (i.e. under the tongue) or orally in general. Many people add CBD oil to drinks or foods. In general, CBD does not interfere with beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, water, fruit juices. The use of CBD oil with alcohol is not recommended as the CBD molecule can be degraded by the alcohol present in the drink and lose effectiveness. CBD is a tasteless substance in itself, but vegetable oil may have its own particular flavor: for example, hemp oil has a flavor reminiscent of roasted nuts and hazelnuts, while coconut oil, more delicate, is slightly acidic and has a vague coconut aftertaste.

cbd oil added to coffee

Both oils can safely be used on food, taking care to add them only after cooking and when the dish has reached a temperature that can be eaten without problems. Adding CBD oil to a dish that is too hot could “activate” some substances present in the vegetable oil and alter the flavor of the food in a marked way.

How to recognize and where to buy quality CBD oil?

We’ve seen how knowing how to choose the dosage, intensity, and concentration of your CBD oil is important to ensure you receive the benefits and effects you seek. We reiterate that, as with any supplement, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor in order to be able to determine an optimal amount of CBD for your condition.

It’s also important to know that
not all CBD oils are created equal
… (read the in-depth article here to find out the differences). Lightblue Hemp CBD Oil is enriched with CBD from our best indoor cannabis light inflorescences . It preserves all the natural characteristics of the flower, including secondary cannabinoids and terpenes, to maximize the so-called “entourage” effect typical of cannabis light.

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