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Legal Cannabis Indoor

Our light cannabis crops are 100% Organic Indoor, this means that our products are of higher quality than products from outdoor (and greenhouse) crops.

By growing indoors we can completely control the climate, thus managing to avoid the formation of mold and parasites, so we do not need to use pesticides and chemicals, which are harmful to your health. Furthermore, we can offer our plants the ideal climate and quantity of light, thus managing to have compact buds with perfect aromas and characteristics!

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Legal Weed Online Reviews

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Borlo – 10 March 2021

Top on everything


Borlo – 10 March 2021

Fast and top products


Thomas silvestri – 10 March 2021

Purple arrived dry at the right point, crumbles like hell, and burns well (when they are too resinous you lose a lot) The owner is very kind.


Thomas silvestri – 19 February 2021

Due to the courier’s fault, the package arrived after 4 days but would have arrived 24 hours later. indoors, good, fragrant. The owner was available and helpful. I’m going to reorder for sure.


Isabella.83 – 26 January 2021

High-end product, resinous and compact inflorescences. I thank the owner for his availability. Parcel arrived in less than 24 hours. I will definitely buy again. Fantastic!


Michael – 3 February 2021

There are no products like this on other sites … it is the best of all, there is the extract in which the flower is breaded with a deadly taste and scent as if it were the real one congratulations to the guys voted 10+


Valentina – 3 February 2021



Valentina – 3 February 2021

Excellent intense and very relaxing aroma


Thomas – 10 March 2021

Great products


renzo simionati – 24 November 2020

excellent value for money, shipment received immediately ++++++++


Michael – 3 February 2021

Same as the one with thc, sticky and scented as f. with a dark and spicy aroma at the same time but with all the benefits of CBD


Max – 19 February 2021

Very low price and quality product!


Michael – 3 February 2021

A good product … among the best in the catalog … precise shipping and assistance if you have any doubts high-end site


Leoss – 18 October 2020

Arrived in 1 day in my city Rome, super quality price


Luca82 – 18 October 2020


Cannabis light buds legal weed


We specialize in the production of flowers with cutting-edge culture techniques

CBD Oil and Resins from legal weed cannabis light

Oils and Extracts

Our extracts and oils come from plants grown without pesticides and fed with organic nutrients.

Canapa light blue solar panels for legal weed

Respect for Nature

Our indoor crops use energy produced by solar panels in full respect of nature.

canapa light blue passion for legal weed cbd cannabis

Passion for Cannabis

We are always committed to producing the best possible product with exceptional quality and low cost.

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By express courier with fast delivery for orders placed from Monday to Friday before 11 am.

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With credit/debit cards and bank transfer

100% legal product

Legal Weed online with THC less than 0.5%. In accordance with Law 242 of 2016

Indoor Organic Product

Our legal weed is grown indoors with organic fertilizers and no insecticides

Controlled quality

Air-conditioned and sterile premises to prevent mold and pests from forming

Respect for nature

We respect the environment by producing clean energy from solar panels

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