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The Minister of Health withdraws the decree against light cannabis

Oct 30, 2020 | News

The Minister of Health withdraws the decree that threatened to shatter the well developed market of Light Cannabis!!

Minister of Health Roberto Speranza

Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health

The Minister of Health reconsiders

The Ministry of Health led by Speranza, reconsider and cancel the decree that starting from 30th October would have derailed the italian market of legal cannabis flowers.

CBD is not a narcotic

From the end of October Cbd, the active substance contained in light cannabis, would have officially become a narcotic: the decree of the ministry of health would add to the table of «medicinal products containing narcotics» the «medical compounds of cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from cannabis, for oral administration»

Last 28th October the ministry of health signed a new decree that cancels and substitutes the previous one, with plans to form a Committee to tackle this matter «consistently and conclusively». Therefore, the National Institute of Health and the Council of Health have been invited to comment on this matter, with a comprehensive reassessment of the tables of narcotics and to evaluate«whether the effects of the CBD remain unchanged regardless of the percentage used».

The industry can thus breathe again, for now.

There will be in fact more important steps ahead: last September the European Commission, with regard to the Novel Food products, considered the possibility of listing the CBD as a narcotic.

On December the member states ofWHO are expected to vote for the recommendations on cannabis, after acknowledging the medical properties.

As for the CBD, WHO determined that it should be exempted from the narcotic tables, including the products that contain THC up to 0,2%.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!

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