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Cannabis and Musica: Playlist by Canapalightblue

Oct 16, 2020 | culture

Picture of stuart hampton by Pixabay

Here’s the best music dedicated to Cannabis!

Many artists put their love for Cannabis on a treble clef.
The use of Cannabis can enhance creativity, relax and open-mindedness.
Some artists did even more, by describing it in their songs like a love story.

Enjoy it!

“Got to Get You Into My Life” Beatles (1966)

Depicted as one of the best love songs of all times, it sings sweet words dedicated not to a woman, but to Cannabis!
Paul Mc Cartney once said «It didn’t seem to have heavy side effects, unlike alcohol and pills, things I would avoid. I liked Cannabis, it didn’t cause me any problems and it seemed a way to open my mind, literally.


“Legalize It” Peter Tosh (1976)

«What am I with weed and what’s weed without me?» stated Peter Tosh.
He was one of the most acclaimed raggae musicians and marijuana endorser, Cannabis even ended up financing his album. «He contacted a drug dealer and asked him to invest in his music, and that’s what happened». «When he asked for the title – Legalize It! – the drug dealer complained: “No man, you’re going to steal my job”.
A claim that can be still considered relevant nowadays.

“Kaya” Bob Marley (1978)

The change in Bob Marley was never as clear as in Kaya, the title track, an ode to a certain plant – that’s called kaya in jamaican slang.
In the lyrics he says he feels “irie” – “Good” in rastafarian – “because I have some kaya now”.


“Smoke Two Joints” The Toyes (1983)

This great reggae american track has become a cult song on the West Coast. “Hard work good, hard work fine, but first take care of head”, Mawg sings a serenade dedicated not to a woman but to Cannabis.


“Gin and Juice” Snoop Dogg (1993)

“With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda hard beying Snoop D-O-Double-G”, tha’s how this fairytale by the rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg unfolds. Nobody’s more at ease with Cannabis than him, and this track – a classic that made his career, is an ode to the good life for everyone.


“Brown Sugar” D’Angelo (1995)

The title track from the first album by D’Angelo is more than a hymn to cannabis. Whispering on a seductive rhythm, he sings and fantasizes about a girl called Brown Sugar, and the details are so vivid to make it sound real.

«You should lay down, close your eyes and suggest your personal version».


Good! We are at the end of this short, intense and great PlayList!

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