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Buds of Legal Marijuana: what are they and how to recognize quality products

Apr 9, 2021 | culture, Health and Wellness, Products and News

Light Cannabis has taken hold in the italian market. This brought terms like ‘’legal Marijuana buds’’ to become commonly used.
But what are the buds of legal Marijuana? How to recognize the quality and legal buds?
Keep on reading to find out!

What are the legal Marijuana buds?

The buds of legal Cannabis, indicate a specific part of the plant.
They’re the most used parts of the plant and they’re basically dried and tanned flowers, exclusively produced by the plant of feminized legal Marijuana.
The feminized plants fertilized by male plants, will interrupt their cycle and consequently the growth of flowers, producing Cannabis seeds.
The resin on the buds of legal Marijuana, increases thecannabinoids concentration including the CBD.

Types of Buds of Legal Marijuana

Many factors help identify the various kinds of legal Cannabis, such as: the aroma, the consistency and the terpenic profile.
We divided the types of buds in three main categories.

Category A+ – Top Quality buds of legal Cannabis!

With the Category A+ we indicate the best type of buds of legal Marijuana, top of the line, exclusively grown Indoor in controlled environments studied to get the best out of the light Cannabis plants. Their strong and intense taste, with unique effects on our body, makes this quality stand out among all the others.
Keep an eye on these characteristics to find out if yours is an A+ product:

  1. the consistency is ‘’sticky’
  2. the appereance reminds of a nugget, its colors are bright and vibrant
  3. the aroma will be strong and persistent
  4. the strong effects thanks to the high concentration of CBD

All the flowers in our Online Shop are category A+

Category B – medium quality of legal Marijuana buds

cannabis legal marijuana category b

Category B includes all the buds of legal Marijuana not grown in controlled environments. A medium quality that will result from a non professional growth but will be kind of ‘’handmade’’.
Take a look to these characteristics to verify if your product is category B:

  1. opaque color, that tends to a light green. Presence of leaflets.
  2. it will have a distinctive smell, but weaker than category A+
  3. dense, not very sticky.

Category C – the lowest quality of legal Marijuana buds

cannabis marijuana legal category c

The buds of legal Marijuana that fall under this category are often derived from Outdoor growing. The producer is usually not interested in the quality of the final product but is more concerned with the mere economical return! Its appereance and taste is unpleasant and the benefits virtually non-existent.

Take a look at these characteristics to verify if your product belongs to this category:

  1. dark colors, almost brown
  2. the bud lacks “stickiness”, it crumbles because of the wrong drying process
  3. it tastes bad and its nasty in the throat
  4. often it has mould!

How to distinguish the legal buds from the illegal ones ?

It’d be great to be able to tell them apart thanks to some kind of “trick” . Unfortunately it is impossible!
In fact both types have identical charasteristics; the presence of lots of leaflets, a roundish or oval form, rich in pistils and abundant resin.

But we can guarantee all our flowers have THC below 0.2%, and they’re very rich in CBD!
All our products are analysed in the laboratory.

In our shop you can only find quality A+ legal Marijuana!

Where to buy quality A+ legal Cannabis buds?

The team of Canapa LightBlue exclusively deals in quality A+ legal buds, visit our Online Shop!
All our products are certified, exclusively grown Indoor without the use of chemical damaging additives!

Our legal Cannabis flowers all have a high concentration of CBD and surprising scents, that vary depending on the type of legal Marijuana you will choose!

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Well, we hope you enjoyed our article.

Keep following us for more updates about the world of Light Cannabis!


Canapa LightBlue Team!


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